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Welten / Dukers & Baelemans

Formal name
Welten Holding B.V.
CoC Number
Extended CSR Report
P85 - Education
Verification type
Moderate assurance by FIRA
Publication date
Jun 27, 2019

Assessment comment summary

Balance & Completeness:

Management approach has been disclosed. We encourage Welten to include clear objectives for all material CSR issues to monitor progress. We compliment Welten with many new practices on employment conditions, social dialogue, vitality, employee development, human development for clients, embedding sustainability in education, data protection, employment creation, social investment and the Dukers & Baelemans management system. Other practices focus on social return, ethical conduct and community related programs to increase awareness on financial issues. We encourage Welten to disclose practices on other material issues, such as how it contributes to diversity in the financial sector, reduction of carbon emissions and sustainable procurement.

Code of Conduct:

A company code of conduct is in place.

Commitment to CSR:

Welten has committed to the template CSR declaration, including commitment to all CSR principles and to progress on material issues. We encourage Welten to work on a company specific declaration based on material issues.


CSR responsibilities are assigned throughout of the organization.

Value Chain:

The Welten value chain is accessible and complete. Based on company (non) complexity further detailing the supply chain should not be necessary unless specific CSR issues are identified.

Stakeholder Inclusivity and Responsiveness:

No new engagement results have been disclosed. The stakeholder engagement has been executed based on internal resources (e.g. account managers, review of tender and permit requirements, etc.). We encourage Welten to enhance stakeholder engagement by expanding to other important stakeholders (suppliers) and by seeking actual dialogue with external stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement:

The stakeholder engagement does not cover all CSR issues. We encourage Welten to mature stakeholder management by extending the scope of engagement touching all relevant CSR issues. Improving stakeholder engagement may impact the current materiality analysis.